Blue Dun Painting

DIY Painting Classes with friends and a Pro.

 I know what it’s like to be on a budget.  I’ve also met many people who would take care of their small painting projects themselves if they had the skills. For these reasons, Blue Dun is offering a comprehensive class, the length of which is two hours, at a cost of $100.  Up to four people are welcome to attend—any more than that would disallow the one-on-one time that can be spent with a very small group. Besides, it’s going to be in your house.

Here’s the deal--pick a reasonable-size wall in a room you want to re-do, and we’ll paint it.  Topics covered will include surface preparation, paint and brush types and their appropriate uses, and how to effectively and efficiently wield a roller. You’ll also learn how to “cut in” around ceilings, door frames and baseboards, and how to paint the trim.

I can impart a lot of very useful information in two hours, and you can begin learning a skill as well as get a good start on your project.  Call to discuss details and to schedule..

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